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    Dr. Eva Meia Ruegg

    Breast Reconstruction · Face contouring

    Hirslanden Klinik St. Anna

    Luzern, Switzerland


    Foundation year






    Medical staff


    Dr. Eva Meia Ruegg is one of the most well-known specialists in breast reconstructions, facial contouring, plastic surgery, reconstructive surgery, and cosmetic surgery. She has also been continuously practicing at the Breast Centre Klinik, St. Anna. Breast reconstruction is one of a woman's essential choices during her life. She might do so to make her chest look balanced. Women also undergo this treatment so that their clothes fit appropriately in them. It may also be done to regain her breast shape permanently, and all of these are only possible if there are experts in the process. Dr. Eva Meia Ruegg is always keen to understand her patients' problems. She provides the best advice to them. She does whatever it may take her to help meet her patient's needs, whether that means helping them navigate the healthcare system by finding specialists. She also provides the careful prescriptions they need to support them. Dr. Eva Meia Ruegg has a vision of providing all her patients with the utmost care regardless of age. She aims to provide the best services to both adults and children. The well-being of all her patients is one of the most core objectives of her mission as a specialist in breast reconstruction and facial contouring. Dr. Eva Meia Ruegg is known to provide one-on-one consultation to her patients. She has vast experience working with her patients. Her patients are very comfortable when it comes to sharing their problems with her.