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Dr. Evren Destegul

Arrhythmia · Arterial Hypertension

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Private Karatas Hospital

Izmir, Turkey



Contact Information

Barbaros, 336. Sk. No:26, 35260 Konak/Izmir, Turkiye


Meet Your Heart Expert: Dr. Evren Destegul, a Distinguished Cardiologist at Private Karatas Hospital. Embark on a journey toward a healthy heart with Dr. Evren Destegul, a lauded Cardiology Specialist nestled in the reputable Private Karatas Hospital. Recognized as one of the most proficient doctors within the facility, he unites a wealth of knowledge with compassionate care, ensuring every heartbeat counts. Dr. Destegul’s journey into medical expertise began at the renowned Cukurova University Faculty of Medicine, where he not only pursued but also graduated with honors in 2004, symbolizing his commitment to academic excellence. The same year marked the onset of his specialization in cardiology, undertaking a residency at the esteemed Istanbul Siyami Ersek Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery Training and Research Hospital, and officially adorning the title of Cardiologist in 2006. His steadfast dedication to the well-being of his patients was further showcased during his obligatory service at Yozgat State Hospital, followed by a decade-plus in serving hearts at various esteemed private institutions in Izmir since 2009. Dr. Destegul brings a refined skill set to tackle a diverse range of cardiac conditions with adeptness and patient-centric care: Coronary Artery Disease: Offering comprehensive care from diagnosis to management. Heart Valve Diseases: Expertise in detecting and treating valve-related complications. Rhythm Disorders: Ensuring your heart beats with impeccable rhythm and synchronization. Hypertension: Personalized approaches to manage and mitigate high blood pressure. Adult Congenital Heart Diseases: Delivering specialized care for congenital anomalies in adults. Sports and Heart: Protecting athletes’ hearts and optimizing cardiac performance. Leg Varicose Veins: Providing effective solutions for venous issues in the lower extremities. Every pulse has a story, and Dr. Destegul is here to ensure yours narrates a tale of vigor and vitality. His refined expertise in cardiology and a personable approach make him a cherished asset to Private Karatas Hospital and a guardian to your heart’s well-being. With Dr. Destegul, embark on a journey where your heart is understood, cherished, and meticulously cared for—ensuring every beat enriches your story.