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Dr. Fahrettin Yilmaz

Cataract Surgery · Lasik Eye Surgery

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Private Cagsu Duzce Hospital

Çankırı, Türkiye








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Cumhuriyet Mah. D-100 Highway


Introducing Dr. Fehrettin Yilmaz: Your Visionary Guide to Exemplary Eye Care. Embark on a journey towards optimal eye health with Dr. Fehrettin Yilmaz, a distinguished specialist in Ophthalmology, operating in the esteemed Cagsu Hospital, Turkey. Boasting a rich educational background and a profound specialization in eye care and diseases from the reputed Hacettepe University Samsun Medical Faculty, Dr. Yilmaz seamlessly merges expertise with genuine care in every patient interaction. Educational Excellence: University: Hacettepe University Samsun Medical Faculty; Specialization: Ophthalmology; Pioneering Vision Care in Eye Health and Diseases. Dr. Yilmaz's unwavering commitment to eye health propels him into continuously exploring and adopting innovative methodologies in addressing various eye conditions. His keen areas of interest, notably Eye Health and Diseases, are illuminated by his patient-centric approach, ensuring you feel seen, heard, and cared for during every visit. Position yourself under the careful guardianship of Dr. Yilmaz, as he navigates you through a bespoke journey, sculpted by his unparalleled knowledge in eye diseases and his devotion to enriching your visual experience. At Cagsu Hospital, your vision is our priority, and under the watchful eye of our specialists like Dr. Yilmaz, we promise to guide you towards a future where every detail is seen with clarity and precision. In a world where vision is paramount, trust Dr. Yilmaz to be the steward of your eye health, offering not just treatments, but a caring alliance, ensuring your journey towards optimal eye wellness is smooth, informed, and reassuring. Your quest for exceptional ophthalmic care ends here, ensuring your vision is in expert hands.