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    Dr. Faruk Karateke

    Benign Breast Disease · Morbid Obesity

    VM Medical Park Mersin Hospital

    Mersin, Turkey


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    General surgery is a discipline that necessitates knowledge of and responsibility for the surgical management of patients suffering from a wide range of diseases, including those that may involve non-operative, elective, or emergency surgical treatment. The breadth and depth of this knowledge may differ depending on the disease category. Surgical management requires making complex decisions; general surgeons should be proficient in diagnosis, treatment, and management, including operative intervention. Dr. Faruk Karateke is a Turkey-based General Surgeon. He is famous for his precise and accurate surgical procedures. Dr. Faruk Karateke graduated from the institute of Uludag University Faculty of Medicine in 2003; afterward did his medical specialization in General Surgery from Cukurova University Faculty of Medicine and became a General Surgery specialist with my specialization thesis titled 'Surgical treatment in parathyroid adenomas' between 2005 and 2010. With his profound knowledge and advanced skills in performing medical surgeries, he also has 42 articles and more than 50 national reports published in SCI and SCI-e-journals and domestic journals on the subject of general surgical procedures. Dr. Faruk Karateke's interest lies in the treatment procedures: Advanced laparoscopic surgery, Inguinal hernia, Breast diseases, Thyroid, and Parathyroid Diseases, Bariatric and metabolic surgery, and Colorectal diseases (bowel cancer, anal fissure, hemorrhoids), Esophagus and Stomach diseases. In his respected medical career, Dr. Faruk Karateke has been associated with some of the well-known institutes of Turkey. He has worked in Bursa Sogukpinar Health Center and Adana Numune Training and Research Hospital. Since May 2018, he has been associated with VM Medical Park Mersin Hospital, Turkey, as a general surgeon.