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Dr. Fatma Rabia Ay

Bipolar Disorder · Anxiety disorders

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Acibadem Bodrum Hospital

Muğla, Turkey








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Ortakentyahsi, Golbasi Sk. No:11, 48420 Bodrum/Muğla, Turkey


Dr. Fatma Rabia Ay is the specialist doctor of Bipolar Disorder and Anxiety disorders. She proficiently deals with the mental health problems of the patients. People suffering from anxiety, depression, morbid thinking, and suicidal thinking or hallucination seek her bits of advice to recover. Dr. Fatma Rabia Ay is a well-qualified doctor who attained her graduation from the faculty of medicine. She completed her compulsory doctor's training with distinctions. Her teachers and friends admired her for treating her patients in innovative ways. She has a desire to become a mental health doctor as she believes that modernity has brought mental disorders that need to be cured. Owing to her interest in people's mental health, Dr. Fatma Rabia Ay got a degree in mental health and diseases from the esteemed Osmangazi University. She tried her best to understand the hidden factors that cause bipolar disorders and other mental disorders during her specialization degree. After acquiring her specialization degree, Dr. Fatma Rabia Ay worked with reputable medical institutions to gain experience. She got active experience under her belt for prestigious medical institutions. As a mental health doctor, she understands the psychology of people very well and goes beyond the apparent condition of her patients to know them more. Dr. Fatma Rabia Ay is very friendly and provides a confidential environment to her patients. She spent considerable time talking with her patients to know what caused their mental problems. The medical test cannot judge the symptoms of cognitive issues, but rather a doctor has to dive deep into the psychology of the patients. That is why she spends friendly time with her patients as such patients reveal their condition through communications.