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    Dr. Fehim Diker

    Hernia Repair · Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

    Canakkale Hospital

    Canakkale, Turkey


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    Dr. Fehim Diker specializes in the fields of Hernia Repair and Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy. He is the leading expert doctor in his area and offers priceless services in the famous Canakkale Hospital. He always works with honesty and integrity. He has earned an excellent name for his professionalism in the doctor’s community. Various national and international medical centers and doctors seek his informed guidance in multiple matters. Dr. Fehim Diker has earned more than 34 years of operational experience in his field. He is also an active fellow member of various medical organizations that regularly contribute to the area of medicine through their research. He has also founded multiple research labs and formed intelligent societies of the leading intellectuals to work for the better of the patients. Dr. Fehim Diker earned his graduate degree at a very young age. He always envisioned himself to be a great doctor and achieved his goal upon getting his graduate degree in medicine from the esteemed Plovdiv Medical University. He also underwent residency training and emerged as a successful doctor. He learned many new operational skills during his training and practiced them to the fullest. He worked with multiple leading hospitals after completing his house job training. Dr. Fehim Diker acquired a specialization degree from the same university in Hernia Repair and Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy. His specialization enhanced his prestige. Over time, he has gained more than 36 years of experience in his fields.