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Dr. Ferit Yucel

Sports traumatology · Arthroscopy

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Liv Hospital Gaziantep

Gaziantep, Türkiye



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Welcome to the world of orthopedic care, where Dr. Ferit Yucel, a skilled and compassionate orthopedic surgeon, is here to help you regain your mobility, overcome injuries, and live an active and pain-free life! Are you an athlete seeking specialized care for sports-related injuries? Look no further! Dr. Ferit Yucel's expertise lies in the diagnosis and management of knee, shoulder, and ankle ligament injuries. With his extensive knowledge and cutting-edge surgical techniques, he aims to get you back in the game, stronger and healthier than ever before. Accidents happen, but rest assured that Dr. Yucel is well-equipped to handle trauma cases, including bone fractures and joint dislocations. Using advanced treatment methods, he skillfully restores stability to the affected areas and guides you through a seamless recovery. In need of joint replacement surgery or revision procedures? Dr. Yucel specializes in arthroplasty surgeries, offering comprehensive solutions for knee, hip, and shoulder prostheses. With his expertise, you can expect optimal outcomes and a significant improvement in your quality of life. If you're experiencing cartilage problems, Dr. Yucel is here to provide personalized care. He can explore cartilage transplantation options to help restore joint function and alleviate discomfort, enabling you to return to your daily activities with confidence. Deformities in the arms or legs can be a source of concern, but fear not! Dr. Yucel excels in deformity correction surgeries, using advanced techniques to address curvatures and inequalities. With his precise interventions, he aims to enhance your mobility and restore balance to your limbs. When it comes to hand injuries and conditions, Dr. Yucel's expertise shines. Whether you're dealing with fractures, ligament tears, or other hand-related concerns, he offers tailored treatment options to restore function and relieve pain, ensuring that you regain your dexterity. Stay at the forefront of regenerative medicine by exploring stem cell applications under Dr. Yucel's guidance. Leveraging the potential of stem cells, he aims to facilitate healing and regeneration, helping your body recover with natural, cutting-edge techniques. Dr. Yucel's commitment to comprehensive orthopedic care extends to limb-lengthening surgeries. If you're looking to address discrepancies in limb length, he can provide personalized treatment plans, guiding you through the process and ensuring the best possible outcomes. Using state-of-the-art technology, Dr. Yucel performs shoulder, knee, and ankle arthroscopy procedures. These minimally invasive techniques allow for accurate diagnosis and targeted treatment of various joint conditions, promoting faster recovery and minimal scarring. In the realm of tumor surgery, Dr. Yucel exhibits expertise and precision. With a focus on diagnosing and treating bone and soft tissue tumors, he offers comprehensive solutions, including surgical interventions, to ensure the best outcomes for his patients. Education: Dr. Ferit Yucel's esteemed medical background is as follows: Dicle University Faculty of Medicine Orthopedics and Traumatology Assistant (2005-2010) Yeditepe University Faculty of Medicine (1997-2004) Rest assured that with Dr. Ferit Yucel's extensive experience and commitment to your well-being, you are in capable hands. Regain your mobility, recover from injuries, and embrace an active lifestyle under the care of a trusted orthopedic expert.