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Dr. Fernando Durand Neyra

Brain tumor · Cerebral aneurysm

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Vithas Hospital Sevilla

Andalucía, Spain





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Av. Plácido Fernández Viagas, s/n, 41950 Castilleja de la Cuesta, Sevilla, Spain


Dr. Fernando Durand Neyra is a professional, successful, and ardent neurosurgeon. He has been working in this field for the past 18 years, and this has gained him in-depth experience. He has been extremely thorough with his patients as he practices conducting a background check before designing a medical treatment plan for a patient. Currently, he is serving dedicatedly at the Vithas Hospital Sevilla located at the Av. Plácido Fernández Viagas, Andalucía, Spain. He has a functional neurosurgery unit at Vithas Hospital and has achieved many milestones during his career as a neurosurgeon. He uses modern technology and contemporary methods to ensure the success of his surgeries. Dr. Fernando Durand Neyra has earned his degree in a doctorate from the National University of La Plata, La Plata, Argentina. He completed his specialization in neurosurgery and subspecialty in Cerebral and Medullary and Craniofacial Endovascular Therapy in the United States at the University of Los Angeles, California (UCLA) in 1988-1989. He completed his residency in the neurosurgery department at the Hospital Virgen del Rocío, Seville. Dr. Fernando Durand Neyra has extensive experience in the endovascular and surgical treatment of cerebral and vertebral-medullary vascular malformations. It includes craniofacial and medullary vascularized tumors, aneurysms, pial fistulas, AVM, craniofacial vascular malformations, dural fistulas, and medullary. He has successfully treated approximately more than 4000 patients. Dr. Fernando Durand Neyra belongs to the Spanish Society of Neurosurgery. Moreover, he is a Member of the Andalusian Society of Neurosurgery. He is the first neurosurgeon in Spain who utilized the technology of percutaneous treatment of the spinal column in degenerative processes.