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Dr. Fevzi Bektasli

Headache · Neuropathy

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Private Yedimart Hospital

Osmaniye, Türkiye



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7. Sokak Savrun Kadirli Osmaniye Türkiye


Discover unparalleled neurological expertise with Dr. Fevzi Bektasli, a distinguished specialist in neurology with a passion for improving patients' lives. Born in Iskenderun in 1970, Dr. Bektasli graduated from Çukurova University Faculty of Medicine in 1993. He honed his skills and expertise, completing his specialized training in neurology at Cumhuriyet University Faculty of Medicine in 2004. Working tirelessly to provide top-notch care, Dr. Bektasli has made a significant impact in various institutions. Currently, he brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to Private Yedi March Hospital, where he has been dedicated to patient care since 2010. His previous contributions include roles at Hatay Antakya State Hospital from 2009 to 2010 and the Private Experts Medical Center from 2007 to 2009. Dr. Bektasli specializes in a wide array of treatment methods tailored to address various neurological conditions. From cerebrovascular diseases to muscle and nerve disorders, headaches, digitism, nerve inflammation, epilepsy, balance and movement disorders such as Parkinson's, dementia like Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis, and nerve paralysis in different body parts, Dr. Bektasli's expertise covers a broad spectrum of neurological health concerns. With a patient-focused approach, Dr. Fevzi Bektasli combines cutting-edge treatments with a compassionate bedside manner, ensuring each patient receives personalized care of the highest standard. Experience the difference in neurological care with Dr. Bektasli, where your well-being is the top priority. Keywords for SEO: Neurology specialist Fevzi Bektasli Cerebrovascular diseases Muscle and nerve diseases Headache treatment Epilepsy specialist Movement disorders Dementia (Alzheimer's) Multiple sclerosis treatment Nerve paralysis treatment