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Dr. Francisco Dominguez Ortega

Childbirth Services · Neonatal Diseases

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Vithas Hospital Santa Catalina

Canarias, Spain





Contact Information

Calle León y Castillo, 292, 35005 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Las Palmas, Spain


Dr. Francisco Dominguez Ortega is an esteemed Pediatrician. He is currently working at Vithas Hospital, Santa Catalina. He is capable of addressing all issues regarding Pediatrics. His specialties are Neonatal Diseases and child services. He received his Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery degree from the University of La Laguna. Then he received his Doctor in Medicine and Surgery degree. He qualified 'apt cum Laude' for his doctoral thesis. Dr. Francisco Dominguez Ortega specialized in Pediatrics and other specific areas. His subspecialty is Neonatology. Other than an exceptional education, Dr. Francisco Domínguez Ortega has received many impressive awards. He was titled the University Expert in Vaccines by Alfonso X el Sabio University. He received the award: Accreditation in Neonatology by the Spanish Association of Pediatrics. In 1991, he received the Research Award, Dr. Guigou. In 1997, he earned the Ordesa National Research Award and also presided over the LIX National Congress of Pediatrics in 2010. He has worked at many prestigious places to expand his experience. From 1986 to 1989, he was a Resident Intern at Hospital Universitario de Canarias. Dr. Francisco Dominguez Ortega worked as an Associate Professor at the Department of Clinical Sciences, Pediatrics area, at the University of Las Palmas between 1991 and 2013. He worked at the Maternal-Infant University Hospital of Las Palmas as a physician and the Head of the Pediatrics Service at Vithas Las Palmas Hospital since 2013. Dr. Francisco Dominguez Ortega is a member of many societies, like the Official College of Physicians of Las Palmas, Spanish Association of Pediatrics, Honorary Member of the Spanish Association of Pediatrics, Spanish Society of Neonatology, Canary Society of Pediatrics, President of the Canarian Pediatric Society, Honorary Member of the Canarian Pediatric Society.