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    Dr. Gabriel Rodriguez Alonso

    Gallbladder Surgery · Hernia Repair

    Centro Medico Bautista

    Asunción, Paraguay


    Foundation year




    Medical staff


    General surgery is the section of surgery that deals with the majority of surgical procedures. General surgeons specialize in treating the abdomen, breast, head and neck, blood vessels, and digestive tract diseases. They also oversee the care of patients who have been injured, have deformities, or have other conditions that necessitate surgery. Dr. Gabriel Rodriguez Alonso is a specialist in General Surgery. He is well aware of the popular medical techniques utilized in general surgeries. Moreover, his methods of conducting surgeries are incredibly detailed and accurate. Dr. Gabriel Rodriguez Alonso graduated from the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the National University of Asuncion, afterward completed his specialization in General Surgery in the same house of studies. In addition to his educational journey, he has published research papers in various national and international journals in the domain of General surgery and how its methods are revolutionizing in today’s world, which is a significant source of learning for other professionals of the industry. His clinical specialty is treating Hernia Repair, Gallbladder surgery, Appendectomy, Colon and Rectal Surgery, Esophageal Surgery, Wound Repair, and other surgical procedures. He has done numerous surgeries, with an excellent success ratio, due to his clinical skills and deep knowledge regarding the subject. Furthermore, he conducts careful case studies of his patient’s health before recommending any surgery; this helps in the success of the surgery and quick recovery of the patient. Dr. Gabriel Rodriguez Alonso has been part of the staff of the Baptist Medical Center, Paraguay, where he caters to his patients since 2018. Along with being profoundly skilled, he is pretty educated and highly experienced in his field of specialization.