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Dr. Gardenier Gardenier

Skin Treatment · Hair Transplantation

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Maine Plastic Surgery Center

Maine, United States



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1685 Congress St #301, Portland, ME 04102, United States


Welcome to Maine Plastic Surgery Center, where excellence in plastic surgery meets the expertise of Dr. Gardenier, a renowned surgeon with a distinguished background that sets the standard for transformative care. Dr. Gardenier's journey in surgical mastery began at New York Presbyterian Hospital—Weill Cornell, one of New York City's top hospitals. His passion for plastic and reconstructive surgery emerged during this time, leading him to a plastic surgery research fellowship at the prestigious Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. His groundbreaking work, funded by grants from the Plastic Surgery Foundation, has not only been published in leading scientific journals but has also resulted in patented treatment breakthroughs, offering new hope to cancer survivors. Dedicated to advancing the field, Dr. Gardenier further honed his skills in the care and reconstruction of severely burned patients at New York City's busiest Burn Center, a testament to his commitment to comprehensive and compassionate care. His journey continued at the elite Harvard Plastic Surgery Residency Program at Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, MA, where he gained world-class expertise in all aspects of plastic surgery. At Maine Plastic Surgery Center, Dr. Gardenier brings this wealth of experience to every aspect of plastic surgery, including aesthetic surgery of the face, breasts, and body. His commitment to excellence is reflected in his Board Certification in General Surgery by the American Board of Surgery, with Board Eligibility in Plastic Surgery from the American Board of Plastic Surgery.