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Dr. Geeta N Shapur

Endoscopic Adenoidectomy · Endoscopic Ear surgery

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates





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Armada Tower 2 Sheikh Zayed Road Jumeirah Lake Towers Dubai Dubai United Arab Emirates


Meet Dr. Geeta N Shapur: Your Trusted ENT Specialist in Dubai Looking for an experienced and highly skilled ENT specialist in Dubai? Dr. Geeta N Shapur, a DHA licensed specialist with over 16 years of expertise in Ear, Nose, and Throat care. Dr. Geeta's journey in the field of ENT began after she completed her Master's in ENT, and she has been dedicated to enhancing patients' lives ever since. 16+ Years of Experience: With over a decade and a half of professional experience, Dr. Geeta has honed her skills to provide you with the best possible care. Columbia Asia Hospitals Alumnus: Dr. Geeta served as a consultant in ENT at Columbia Asia Hospitals, Bangalore, for 11 years, earning the trust of countless patients. Specialized Expertise: Her passion lies in microwear surgeries, ear implantology, and endoscopic sinus surgeries, ensuring that you receive cutting-edge treatment for your ENT concerns. Fellowship in Otology: Dr. Geeta's commitment to excellence led her to achieve a fellowship in Otology, further solidifying her expertise in ear-related issues. Multilingual Care: Dr. Geeta communicates fluently in multiple languages, ensuring that language is never a barrier to receiving top-notch medical care. Whether you're dealing with hearing problems, sinus issues, or any other ENT-related condition, Dr. Geeta N Shapur is here to provide compassionate and effective treatment. Trust her extensive experience and commitment to your well-being. Schedule your appointment today and experience the difference with Dr. Geeta's expert care.