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Dr. George Galal Shafik

Multisystem Disorders · Infectious Disease

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El Gouna Hospital

El Gouna , Egypt






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Dr. George Galal Shafik is a internal medicine doctor. He apply scientific knowledge and clinical expertise to diagnose and treat adults with a very broad range of health concerns and diseases. He also a consultant of Internal and critical care medicine. Dr. George Shafik is trained to provide precise diagnoses of and prompt treatment for a broad range of symptoms and diseases. He is expert in conditions that affect any of the body's systems. Guidance, counseling, and preventive interventions for improved overall health and life-long comprehensive care and palliative care for his patients. He also care for mental health disorders, such as depression and anxiety caused by abnormal activities in the brain, a chronic disease, or hormonal imbalances. EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: He completed his medical education from Cairo University and post graduate studies in Hepatology at Ghent University, Belgium. In addition, he is conjoint researcher of hepatology in Robert koch Institute Berlin. He also a member of American society of critical care. These are his area of clinical expertise: ▪️Cerebro-vascular stroke ▪️Hepatic encephalopathy ▪️Complicated pneumonea ▪️Respiratory failure ▪️Heart failure & acute coronary syndrome ▪️Upper & lower GI bleeding ▪️Diabetic Emergencies ▪️In addition to Outpatient clinic cases