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Dr. Gidon Bachar

Head and neck tumor · Snoring

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Professor Gidon Bahar is a leading medical specialist in the treatment of ENT diseases. Dr. Gidon Bahar is in charge of the Otolaryngology Department at Beilinson Hospital at Rabin Medical Center. Dr. Gidon Bahar is a faculty member of the Faculty of Medicine at the Israel Institute of  and completed his residency at Rabin Medical Center. Dr. Gidon Bahar went through his internship for oncological surgery of the head and neck area in Toronto (Canada). Dr. and Professor Gidon Bahar is a senior clinical lecturer in diseases of the ear, nose, and throat and head and neck surgery at Tel Aviv University. Dr. Gidon Bahar is a member of the Israeli Society of Diseases of the Ear, Nose, and Throat and Surgery of the Head and Neck Area and the Israeli Association of Surgery and Oncology of the Head and Neck Area. Research activities Clinical and basic studies of tumors of the head and neck area study in the field of treatment of snoring and prevention of respiratory arrest in sleep (apnea). Tumors of the head and neck can occur in various structures, including the oral cavity, pharynx, larynx, nasal cavity, paranasal sinuses, salivary glands, and thyroid gland. These tumors may be benign or malignant, and their symptoms and treatment can vary depending on their location, size, and type. Some common symptoms of head and neck tumors may include: A lump or swelling in the neck or throat Changes in voice or hoarseness Difficulty swallowing or breathing persistent sore throat or cough Pain or numbness in the face or neck Nosebleeds or chronic sinus infections The diagnosis of head and neck tumors typically involves a combination of imaging tests, such as CT or MRI scans, and biopsies to confirm the presence of cancerous or non-cancerous cells. Treatment options for head and neck tumors may include surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or a combination of these approaches, depending on the stage and severity of the tumor. A multidisciplinary team of medical professionals, including head and neck surgeons, oncologists, and radiation therapists, may be involved in the management of these tumors.