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Dr. Gizem Kocabas Yenipazar

Fractional Resurfacing laser · Eczema

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Private Odak Hospital

Denizli, Turkiye



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Sumer Mah. No:18, 20100 Merkez/Denizli, Turkiye


Meet Dr. Gizem Kocabas Yenipazar: Your Dermatology Expert at Private Odak Hospital, Turkey! Are you seeking top-notch dermatological care? Look no further than Dr. Gizem Kocabas Yenipazar, a renowned specialist in Dermatology, practicing exclusively at Private Odak Hospital in Turkey. With a stellar educational background and expertise in cutting-edge treatments, Dr. Yenipazar is your trusted partner on the journey to healthier, radiant skin. Education: Dr. Yenipazar's journey to becoming a Dermatology expert is marked by excellence: Graduated with honors from Ege University Faculty of Medicine. Completed her specialization at Ege University, Department of Skin and Venereology, where she honed her skills and passion for dermatological care. Areas of Expertise: Dr. Yenipazar brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to her practice, with a focus on two key areas: Fractional Resurfacing Laser: Achieve smoother, more youthful skin with Dr. Yenipazar's expertise in Fractional Resurfacing Laser treatments. Whether you're dealing with fine lines, wrinkles, or skin imperfections, her advanced techniques can help you regain your confidence and glow. Eczema: Are you or a loved one struggling with the discomfort of eczema? Dr. Yenipazar's compassionate approach and in-depth understanding of this common skin condition ensure that you receive personalized care and effective treatment options for long-lasting relief.