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Dr. Gurdal Bozdogan

Urinary tract infection · Prostate cancer

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Private Adana Ortadogu Hospital

Adana, Türkiye





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1 67055. Sokak Ziyapaşa Seyhan Adana Türkiye


Are you seeking expert care for urological concerns? Look no further than Dr. Gurdal Bozdogan, your dedicated partner in urology. Credentials That Count Education: Uludag University Expertise: Varicocele, Urinary Tract Infection, Kidney Pain, Kidney Stone, Syphilis, Groin Pain, Gonorrhea, Prostate Cancer, Cystitis, Premature Ejaculation A Trusted Healer With years of professional experience, Dr. Gurdal Bozdogan brings compassionate care and expertise to the forefront. You're in capable hands at Private Adana Middle East Hospital. Put your health first and choose Dr. Gurdal Bozdogan for all your urological needs. Book your appointment today and experience top-notch care like never before. Your well-being is our priority.