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Dr. Gyeong Eun Lee

Y Choromosome DNA test · Hysteroscopy

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Daegu Maria Fertility Hospital

Daegu, South Korea






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2 Dongbu-ro 22-gil, Sincheon 4(sa)-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu, South Korea


Sometimes women ignore the symptoms of deadly female diseases in the form of period cramps, abnormal bleeding and pelvic pain, mainly because of the harsh menstrual and post-menstrual pains they have to go through. These symptoms turn into diseases like uterine fibroids, endometriosis, uterine prolapse and uterine tuberculosis. Such diseases are life-endangering and have a high risk of not getting cured. There are many cases of women losing their lives during treatment. But it doesn't mean that it is impossible to cure such diseases. As much as correct treatment for such diseases is important, another important thing is to get accurate results of DNA chromosome testing. Although it is not a technical procedure and has become quite common, there is still a huge scope for this field. A reputable hospital with well-developed technology and committed doctors is all that is needed to do both. But where to find all three in one. Meet Dr. Gyeong Eun Lee of Daegu Maria Fertility Hospital in North Korea. Dr. Gyeong Eun Lee is a dedicated gynecologist and a skilled obstetrician. She has graduated from the Chungnam National University of Medicine and practiced at the same hospital. She has her specialization in conducting Y chromosome DNA tests and Hysteroscopy. In simpler words, she finds out the DNA of the parent and child/baby and also diagnoses problems of the uterus. Though Hysteroscopy is a minor surgery, it needs to be treated with detail since it is related to ovaries, one of the most sensitive female glands. Dr. Gyeong Eun Lee pays close attention to details and provides highly effective results within no time.