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Dr. Gyu Hee Kim

Arm liposuction · Nipple and Areola Surgery

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Wonjin Beauty Medical Center

Seoul, South Korea





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419 Gangnam-daero Seocho-gu Seoul South Korea


Dr. Gyu Hee Kim is a humble and proficient surgeon working at the Wonjin Beauty Medical Center, South Korea. Her early medical education, as well as specialization, have been acquired from Keimyung University. Dr. Gyu Hee Kim is an expert surgeon whose expertise lies in performing arm liposuction and nipple and areola surgery. She has conducted several successful procedures and has become one of the favorite doctors among her patients. She makes use of the best techniques when performing these procedures. There are several reasons for which a woman would prefer getting her nipple and areola surgery done. Apart from cosmetic reasons, there are often some medical reasons too, for which performing a reconstructive surgery becomes necessary. This part is where Dr. Gyu Hee Kim comes into the picture, for she suggests her patients only the best and serves even best when it comes to performing her job, that is, the surgery. Similarly, there are several reasons for which arm liposuction is performed. Excess fat, cosmetic reasons, etc., are some of the common reasons this procedure is done. Dr. Gyu Hee Kim is familiar with the latest techniques and trends in her field, and her work success rate shows how competent she is when it comes to giving her best to her patients. Dr. Gyu Hee Kim is indeed an all-rounder and an empathetic doctor admired by all her patients for her work ethic and sincerity with the patients. She will undoubtedly continue serving her patients in the same way for a long time.