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Dr. Habib Nouri

Spine trauma · Hip and Knee Surgery

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The Mediterranean Clinic Tunisia

Tunis, Tunisia






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37 Avenue de l'UMA Borj Louizir Tunis La Soukra Tunis Tunisia


Dr. Nouri Habib is one of the most sought-after doctors in the field of orthopedics and traumatology based in Tunisia. The procedures in which Dr. Nouri Habib specializes include sports injury surgery, hallux valgus correction, vertebral laminectomy, osteotomy, exostosis removal, bone biopsy puncture, arthroplasty with implantation of a joint prosthesis (hip, elbow, shoulder), vertebral laminoplasty and laminotomy, arthroscopic synovectomy, surgical management of bone and muscle tumors, surgical treatment of lumbar and cervical disc herniation, arthroscopic meniscectomy, cure for carpal tunnel syndrome, spine surgery, arthroscopy, and recurrent shoulder dislocation. Dr. Nouri Habib received his Master of Advanced Oncology Healthcare from Ulm University in Germany, as well as his Ph.D. in Medicine from the Faculty of Medicine in Tunis. He also obtained an Inter-University Diploma in Sports Medicine from the University of Paris VII, a University Diploma in Microsurgery from the University of Paris XIII, and a Specialty Degree in Orthopedics and Traumatology from the Faculty of Medicine Tunis for professional advancement.