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    Dr. Hakan Seckin

    Spinal cord abscess · Brain tumor

    Medicana Bursa Hospital

    Bursa, Turkey






    Dr. Hakan Seckin is the most senior specialist of Spinal cord abscesses and Brain tumors. He is well-regarded for long experience and deep knowledge of brain tumor and spinal cord problems. He has successfully provided treatment to thousands of patients who suffered from spinal cord abscesses or other spinal cord deformities. He is best known for providing the best environment to his patients and treating them using the latest technologies. He is a well-qualified physician and has gained higher specialization qualifications. He has also received advanced training in using sophisticated technologies to diagnose brain tumors and spinal cord abscesses and provide a cure for them. Currently, he offers his special services in the renowned Medicana Bursa Hospital. Dr. Hakan Seckin has earned his graduate degree with many distinctions. He has graduated in the faculty of medicine from the famous Hacettepe University. After his graduation, he underwent his house job training in a challenging environment. He has acquired medical operational skills and perfected them to the best of his abilities. Dr. Hakan Seckin furthered his professional qualification and achieved a doctor of science degree from Physiology Department, Ankara University. He has also gained a specialization degree in Spinal cord abscess and Brain tumor from the famous TCSB Emergency and Traumatology Hospital. The world’s leading doctors trained him in his specialties. After completing his specialization training, he worked with various national and international hospitals as a competent specialist of Spinal cord abscesses and Brain tumors. Throughout his professional life, he has gained more than 33 years of experience in his specialties.