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Dr. Han Joo Kim

Arthroscopy · Shoulder Joint

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Dr. Han Joo Kim is an orthopedic specialist at Himchan Hospital, and his areas of specialization are arthroscopy of the shoulder joint. He is a well-known doctor with a high success surgery rate. Shoulder arthroscopy is a medical procedure to inspect or fix the tissues inside or around your shoulder joint. The methodology utilizes a little camera, called an arthroscope, which is embedded through a little entry point. At Himchan Hospital, every medical procedure is carried out under the supervision of experts, using advanced technology. Dr. Han Joo Kim, along with his surgical team, strives for a better surgical environment for patients to lead healthy lives. Graduating from Korea University College of Medicine, Dr. Han Joo Kim is a prestigious surgeon. He provides accurate diagnosis and best treatment for shoulder joint problems. He provides thorough pre-and post-surgical services to prevent surgical relapse. After carefully examining the affected area, he discusses the problem with patients and explains every procedural step to them to be comfortable during surgery. He employs harmless surgeries to help patients recover quickly using modern techniques and well-researched methodologies. He has a high patient recovery rate. Depending on the level of damage, he prescribes medication to ease the pain. Dr. Han Joo Kim has a calm personality which helps his colleagues and patients to feel comfortable around him. He guides the doctors working under him and takes advice from professional specialists for the best treatment of patients. He takes pride in being a doctor and works hard to treat his patients effectively.