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Dr. Heba El Awamry

Resurfacing Laser Treatment · PRP Micro Fat Graft

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Al Andalus Medical Center

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates





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Oud al touba street , ali bin abi taleb street , beside ADIB Bank , building number 136 , 1st floor, Al Ain City.


Welcome to the realm of dermatological excellence with Dr. Heba El Awamry, a dedicated Specialist in Dermatology who brings a wealth of expertise to Al Andalus Medical Center. Dr. El Awamry's commitment to skin health and her patient-centric approach make her a trusted partner on your journey to radiant and healthy skin. Expert in Skin Health: Dr. Heba El Awamry is a seasoned Specialist in Dermatology, offering a depth of knowledge in the diagnosis and treatment of various skin conditions. Her expertise covers a wide spectrum, ensuring that you receive comprehensive care for your specific dermatological concerns. Advanced Dermatological Treatments: Stay ahead in the realm of skincare with Dr. El Awamry's utilization of cutting-edge treatments. Whether you seek solutions for acne, dermatitis, or other skin issues, she combines the latest advancements with a personalized touch to address your unique needs. Cosmetic Dermatology Services: Dr. Heba El Awamry understands the significance of feeling confident in your skin. With a focus on cosmetic dermatology, she provides a range of services to enhance your natural beauty, from rejuvenating treatments to minimally invasive procedures. Dedication to Patient Education: Empower yourself with knowledge under the guidance of Dr. El Awamry. She is committed to educating patients about proper skincare routines, preventive measures, and lifestyle choices that contribute to long-term skin health. Accessible Care at Al Andalus Medical Center: Dr. Heba El Awamry practices at Al Andalus Medical Center, a leading healthcare facility where patient comfort and quality care take precedence. Benefit from the convenience of accessible, high-quality dermatological services in a welcoming environment.