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    Dr. Hee Chang Jeon

    Fat Grafting · Liposuction

    Grand Plastic Surgery

    Seoul, South Korea




    Operations per year




    QUALIFICATIONS AND SPECIAL CLINICAL TRAINING OF DR. HEE CHANG JEON Dr. Hee Chang Jeon is a plastic surgeon at Grand Plastic Surgery located in Seoul, South Korea. He has many years of experience working as a Plastic surgeon. After graduating from Medical School at Korea University, he decided to gain further training in General Surgery. ALater, Dr. Hee Chang Jeon acquired additional training in Plastic Surgery from The Medical Center with Korea University. After completing his residency in plastic surgery, he started working as a plastic surgery specialist. Before working as a Plastic Surgeon at Grand Plastic Surgery, he also worked as a Specialist Plastic Surgeon at The Medical Center at Korea University. SPECIAL CLINICAL INTEREST OF DR. HEE CHANG JEON Dr. Hee Chang Jeon is a well-experienced plastic surgeon. He has acquired exceptional surgical skills over the years and performs various plastic surgery procedures. His special clinic interest is in Fat grafting and liposuction. He performs customized procedures based on the needs of his patients. His main goal is always to satisfy his patients and has a large patient panel of satisfied patients. Dr. Hee Chang Jeon has participated in various conferences and seminars related to plastic surgery. He has also published papers pertaining to his areas of interest, such as liposuction and fat grafting. He takes part in workshops and continuing medical education sessions to enhance his skills in liposuction, fat grafting, and various other procedures.