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    Dr. Hee Sun Kim

    Smile Eye Surgery · Vision correction · Lens Implantation

    B & VIIT Eye Center

    Seoul, South Korea


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    1317-23 Seocho-dong Seocho-gu Seoul South Korea

    Hee Sun Kim

    Seoul, South Korea


    Dr. Hee Sun Kim is a renowned ophthalmologist at B and VIIT Eye Center Seoul, South Korea. She is a well-trained ophthalmologist. Several years of experience made her diligent in her work. Dr. Hee Sun Kim is trained to provide comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of different eye problems. She performs corrective surgeries like repairing injuries and corneas and removing the cataract. Her specialization is SMILE eye surgery, vision correction, and lens Implantation. She performs advanced surgical procedures and has all the qualities of a good doctor. Dr. Hee Sun Kim specializes in eye and vision care. SMILE eye surgery is a modern procedure for vision correction. She is an expert in correcting the visual impairments of her patients through this surgery. She also performs lens implantation in which an artificial lens is used for good, natural vision after cataract surgery. She is willing to work with constantly changing technologies and keeps herself up-to-date. These qualities made her absolutely proficient and highly remarkable. Dr. Hee Sun Kim treats various eye disorders, from common vision problems to complicated conditions that can lead to partial or complete blindness. She has an exceptional ability to communicate effectively to ease the anxiety of her patients and has excellent hand-eye coordination. She has splendid organizational skills. Dr. Hee Sun Kim is perfectly skilled in delicate ophthalmic surgeries. She is well-known for her outstanding patient care and skillfully manages ophthalmic conditions, keeping in mind both the medical and mental aspects of a patient.