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Dr. Hongil Kim

Diabetes · Thyroid cancer

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Korea Institute of Radiological & Medical Sciences

Seoul, South Korea



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75 Nowon-ro Nowon-gu Seoul South Korea


Dr. Hongil Kim, a renowned expert in the field of internal medicine, specializing in endocrinology. With a wealth of clinical experience and a passion for patient care, Dr. Kim is your go-to physician for managing diabetes, thyroid conditions, and more. Clinical Expertise: Dr. Kim boasts a rich clinical background, having successfully treated numerous patients for diabetes, ensuring optimal blood sugar control, and managing complications with precision. He is also a specialist in thyroid nodule and cancer examinations, providing comprehensive diagnostic and treatment solutions. Dr. Kim's impressive academic journey includes graduation from the prestigious Seoul National University College of Medicine and a Doctor of Medicine degree from the Graduate School of Seoul National University. He has also honed his skills at Seoul National University Hospital and Armed Forces Nonsan Hospital. Dr. Kim's commitment to excellence is evident through his tenure as the Head of the Department of Endocrinology at Nuclear Hospital, where he has demonstrated his leadership in the field. Dr. Kim is a lifetime member of esteemed medical societies such as the Korean Society of Internal Medicine, the Korean Society of Endocrinology, and the Korean Diabetes Association. He is also a regular member of the Korean Thyroid Society, showcasing his dedication to staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in medicine. Dr. Kim's dedication to advancing medical knowledge extends to his active participation in the 9th Medical Center-Cheonjin Cancer Center Joint Academic Conference, where he collaborates with fellow experts to improve patient care. When you choose Dr. Hongil Kim as your healthcare provider, you're not just selecting a doctor – you're partnering with a compassionate, skilled, and experienced physician who is committed to your well-being.