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    Dr. Hooman Abbasi

    Bone fracture treatment · Hip and Knee Surgery

    Kowsar Hospital


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    Dr. Hooman Abbasi is a highly skilled orthopedic specialist renowned for his medical expertise in hip and knee surgery and bone fracture treatment. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in his field, Dr. Abbasi has established himself as a trusted authority and is dedicated to providing exceptional care to his patients. Dr. Hooman Abbasi's educational background is impressive, having completed his medical degree from a prestigious medical school. Dr. Hooman Abbasi then pursued specialized training in orthopedic surgery, focusing on the treatment of hip and knee conditions as well as bone fractures. Through his training and continued professional development, Dr. Abbasi stays abreast of the latest advancements and techniques in orthopedic surgery. As an orthopedic specialist, Dr. Abbasi focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, and management of hip and knee conditions. Whether it's degenerative joint diseases, sports injuries, or other orthopedic conditions, Dr. Abbasi is known for his comprehensive approach to patient care. He works closely with each individual, conducting thorough evaluations and utilizing advanced diagnostic tools to develop personalized treatment plans. Dr. Abbasi's goal is to relieve pain, restore function, and improve his patients' quality of life. Additionally, Dr. Abbasi has a particular interest in bone fracture treatment. Dr. Hooman Abbasi understands the importance of timely and accurate fracture management to promote proper healing and prevent long-term complications. Dr. Abbasi employs both surgical and non-surgical approaches, depending on the nature and severity of the fracture. His surgical skills and attention to detail enable him to perform complex fracture surgeries with precision, while his conservative management techniques focus on facilitating natural healing processes. Dr. Abbasi is known for his compassionate and patient-centered approach. He takes the time to listen to his patients' concerns, answering their questions, and ensuring they are fully informed about their condition and treatment options. Dr. Abbasi believes in empowering his patients to actively participate in their own care and decision-making. Through his expertise, dedication, and commitment to excellence, Dr. Hooman Abbasi has positively impacted the lives of numerous patients requiring hip and knee surgery and bone fracture treatment. His contributions to the field of orthopedic surgery continue to advance patient care and outcomes, earning him a reputation as a highly respected orthopedic specialist.