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Dr. Hulya Carman

Pediatric Allergy · Childhood Infectious Diseases

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Medicana Camlica Medical Center

Istanbul, Turkey





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Kisikli, Alemdağ Cd No:103, 34692 Uskudar/Istanbul, Turkey


Dr. Hulya Carman is the expert specialist of Pediatric Allergy and Childhood Infectious Diseases. She acquired specialization in these fields to help the children and to cure their most common ailments. As a children's doctor, she is very much concerned about the health of the children. Dr. Hulya Carman has wanted to become a specialist doctor since her childhood. She studied hard and remained a brilliant student throughout her educational career. She studied medicine at Trakya University Faculty of Medicine and graduated from there at a young age. She worked diligently to achieve her desired goal. She excelled fellows in her studies and earned various distinctions throughout her educational career. After she graduated, she underwent her house job training, which is compulsory for doctors successfully. Dr. Hulya Carman did not settle there but followed her cherished dreams of becoming a specialist doctor. She studied hard and pursued a specialization degree soon after. Over time, she did her specialization in Pediatric Allergy and Childhood Infectious Diseases. She has toured abroad and associated with various expert doctors in her field. She was also invited to multiple prestigious medical institutions, where she delivered her insightful lectures to people and medical students. She worked in different international hospitals and gained immense cross-culture experiences in the process. As a professional doctor, Dr. Hulya Carman gained more than 22 years of experience in different medical institutions. She has also attracted a lot due to her abilities and sagacity in pediatric allergy and childhood infectious diseases. She is consulted by various great doctors in her fields to seek informed guidance.