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Dr. Hulya Yanbay

Panic disorder · Depression

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Medicana Camlica Medical Center

İstanbul, Turkey





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Kısıklı, Alemdağ Cd No:103, 34692 Üsküdar/İstanbul, Turkey


Dr. Hulya Yanbay is a competent physician of panic disorder and depression. She is the best doctor in her field. She offers her services in the Medicana Camlica Medical Center. She is respected for her professionalism and integrity. She works with more excellent care and provides complete satisfaction to her patients. Dr. Hulya Yanbay is a highly qualified doctor. She studied at Istanbul University Istanbul Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty and earned her graduate degree from there. She was a hard-working student throughout her educational career and pursued her career vigorously. She always looked forward to becoming one of the competent doctors to help humanity in the long run. She achieved her dream goal by becoming a specialist doctor in depression and panic disorder. Dr. Hulya Yanbay also finished her house job training at Istanbul University Istanbul Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty successfully. She always took the challenging tasks and tackled them with her sagacity and ingenuity. She was well versed in psychology and knew how to solve the psychic problems of the patients. Dr. Hulya Yanbay liked to advance her professional prowess and underwent a specialization degree. She earned her specialization degree in Psychiatry. Psychiatry was her cherished field which she wanted since her graduate studies. After getting the specialization degree, she committed herself to rigorous practice and training and got various advanced certifications from prestigious psychiatry institutions. She is now a certified psychiatrist who offers her valuable treatment to her patients. The modern world offers much of the complexity, and it is hard to understand the underlying causes of a patient’s depression and other mental disorders; she studies a lot to excel others in her fields. She has gained more than 23 years of experience as a psychiatrist.