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Dr. Huseyin Cimen

Multisystem Disorders · Infectious Disease

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Private Cankaya Life Hospital

Ankara, Türkiye





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Birlik, Birlik Mahallesi Şehit Kurbani Akboğa Sokak, Eski 391. Caddesi No:26, 06610 Çankaya/Ankara, Türkiye


Introducing Dr. Huseyin Cimen: Your Premier Internal Medicine Specialist at Private Cankaya Life Hospital, Ankara Are you seeking exceptional medical care from one of the finest doctors at Private Cankaya Life Hospital in Ankara? Look no further than Dr. Huseyin Cimen, an Internal Medicine Specialist whose name is synonymous with excellence and compassionate patient care. Discover the many reasons why Dr. Cimen is considered one of the hospital's top physicians and explore the broad spectrum of medical expertise he brings to the table. Dr. Cimen is a proud alumnus of Ankara University Faculty of Medicine, a prestigious institution known for producing some of the brightest minds in the medical field. His educational background reflects his unwavering commitment to acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to provide world-class healthcare. Dr. Cimen's medical acumen spans an impressive array of areas, ensuring that he can address a wide range of health concerns and deliver holistic care. Here are some of the key areas where his expertise shines: Diabetes Mellitus Management: Dr. Cimen specializes in the comprehensive management of diabetes mellitus, providing invaluable support to individuals grappling with this complex condition. Hypertension Control: Dr. Cimen is adept at managing hypertension, offering effective solutions to maintain healthy blood pressure levels. Dyslipidemia: His focus on cholesterol and triglyceride management ensures the preservation of cardiovascular health for his patients. Thyroid Diseases Treatment: Dr. Cimen's expertise extends to the diagnosis and treatment of thyroid disorders, assuring optimal thyroid function. Heart and Kidney Diseases: His comprehensive approach includes the management of heart and kidney diseases, providing a well-rounded healthcare experience. Rheumatic Diseases: Patients with rheumatic diseases benefit from Dr. Cimen's specialized care, designed to improve their quality of life. Obesity Management: Dr. Cimen offers guidance and support to those seeking effective strategies to combat obesity and achieve healthier lifestyles. Anemia Treatment : His commitment to patient health includes the treatment of anemia caused by iron deficiency, restoring vitality and well-being. Stomach and Intestinal Diseases: His expertise also covers the diagnosis and treatment of stomach and intestinal diseases, promoting optimal digestive health. Respiratory System Disorders: Patients with respiratory system diseases find relief through his specialized knowledge and personalized treatment plans. Dr. Huseyin Cimen is not just a healthcare provider; he is your partner on the journey to wellness. His dedication to patient care, combined with his extensive medical proficiency, makes him a trusted and sought-after physician in Ankara. Experience compassionate, expert care that prioritizes your well-being at Private Cankaya Life Hospital with Dr. Cimen as your guiding light towards better health and a brighter future. Make the choice for excellence in healthcare—choose Dr. Cimen. Your health deserves nothing less.