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    Dr. Hye Jin Jeong


    HanGil Eye Hospital

    Incheon, South Korea


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    Dr. Hye Jin Jeong is a qualified doctor specializing in Ophthalmology. Her passion and hard work towards her profession have made her a role model for many. She is currently working as a medical treatment chief at the HanGil Eye Hospital. Dr. Hye Jin Jeong did her graduation in Ophthalmology, and a master's in medical science from the Catholic University of Korea. She has treated a large number of glaucoma patients, and as a result, she has developed the necessary skills needed to diagnose and treat glaucoma. Dr. Hye Jin Jeong can provide you with the best picture of your treatment options, from eye medications to the latest surgical treatments, thanks to her years of experience in glaucoma management. Undoubtedly, she is the best doctor for getting first-hand information about the nature of glaucoma, as well as treatment options that are both safe and appropriate for your condition. She can help you with anything from diagnosis to treatment. It's important to note that many people at risk for glaucoma or who already have glaucoma may also have cataracts or macular degeneration. Dr. Hye Jin Jeong greatly helps in determining whether a person's vision loss is due to glaucoma or other eye disorders. Dr. Hye Jin Jeong is devoted to her patients and her career. While executing the treatments, she keeps her own best interests in mind. She has built a reputation for providing outstanding care to her patients over a long period of time.