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Dr. Hyun Phil Shin


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Kyung Hee University Hospital At Gangdong

Seoul, South Korea






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892 Dongnam-ro Gangdong-gu Seoul, South Korea


Dr. Hyun Phil Shin is a fantastic Gastroenterologist at Kyung Hee University Hospital in Gangdong. Dr. Hyun Phil Shin started his education at Kyung Hee University in Seoul, Korea, where he received his Premedical degree. From the Kyung Hee University's College of Medicine, he received his Doctorate of Medicine (M.D.) and earned his Master of Science (M. S.) degree from Kyung Hee University Hospital's School of Internal Medicine. Later, he received his Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.) from his alma mater. Dr. Hyun Phil Shin has a lot of experience. He started as a Resident in Internal medicine at Kyung Hee University Medical Centre and obtained a Fellowship in hepatology and gastroenterology at the Asan Medical Centre. He has a Subspecialty in Gastroenterology and Gastrointestinal Endoscopy. Dr. Hyun Phil Shin has ECFMG certification. After mastering his capabilities, he became an Assistant Professor of Gastroenterology at Kyung Hee Hospital and then became a Full-time Instructor and Associate Professor due to his hard work. He is now a Professor of Gastroenterology in Kyung Hee University Hospital at Gangdong. Dr. Hyun Phil Shin is a specialist doctor with many skills. His specialties include Liver Cirrhosis, Liver Cancer, and Hepatoma. He treats alcohol or viral Hepatitis. Further, he performs check-up gastroscopy and check-up colonoscopy. As a clinician, he has conducted many kinds of research. His studies include the benefits of fermented milk in Helicobacter Pylori patients, and colorectal cancer screening programs. They also include patient satisfaction tools for gastrointestinal endoscopy, gastric ulcer treatment, and other topics. Dr. Hyun Phil Shin is a great doctor who treats his patients with the care they deserve.