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Dr. Hyun Sook Lee

Acne clinic · Pigmentation

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Incheon, South Korea






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126 Yesul-ro, Guwol-dong, Namdong-gu, Incheon, South Korea


Dr. Hyun Sook Lee is a competent dermatologist. Her specialties lie in the acne clinic and pigmentation. Skin diseases such as acne and pigmentation both work against the growth of one’s personality. Pigmentation is a medical term for a skin condition where a person experiences coloring of his skin. Pigmentation happens because of unhealthy or damaged cells that cannot develop properly. In the same way, acne is a medical condition in which a person experiences rashes that appear over his face. Both the conditions disfigure a person’s looks and add to the disadvantages of his personality. A person should contact doctors in both conditions to improve his stature. Dr. Hyun Sook Lee is an expert in the fields of acne clinic and pigmentation. She has obtained her Master’s degree from the department of dermatology at Inha University Medical School Department of Dermatology. After getting her degree, she has completed her internship training in the said hospital and has worked with leading dermatologists. Her internship has provided her with the challenging environment that shined her personality. It was indispensable for her professional growth, which is now acknowledged worldwide. She is known to be among the best dermatologists who deal with the prevalent acne clinic and pigmentation. After her residency training, she has worked at various prestigious hospitals and dermatologist centers that provided her with years of experience to deal with various national and international patients. She is known for her amiable nature. She has a charismatic personality and is known for her humbleness.