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Dr. Hyun Young-geun

Dental Implants · Aesthetic Dentistry

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Perioplant Dental Clinic

Seoul, South Korea



Contact Information

136 Dapsimni-ro Dongdaemun-gu Seoul South Korea


Dr. Hyun Young-geun is a distinguished and accomplished figure in the field of dentistry, serving as the Representative and Medical Doctor at Perioplant Dental Clinic. With an impressive educational background, he graduated from Yonsei University Dental School and further honed his expertise through the completion of the Dentistry Specialist Program at Korea University Medical School. Additionally, he holds the title of Medical Doctor from Korea University, showcasing his commitment to academic excellence. Dr. Young-geun's contributions to academia are noteworthy as well, currently holding positions as an Advisory Professor at Korea University Implant Research Institute and a Visiting Professor at Korea University Medical Graduate School. These roles demonstrate his commitment to sharing knowledge and mentoring the next generation of dental professionals. As an esteemed member of various dental associations, Dr. Hyun Young-geun is a Full Member of the American Association of Implant Dentistry (AO), the Korean Academy of Prosthodontics, the Korean Academy of Dental Implantology, and the Korean Academy of Dental Anesthesia. His active involvement as a former Academic Committee Member of the Korean Academy of Dental Implantology and former Director of the Korean Temporomandibular Joint Research Society showcases his dedication to advancing the field through research and collaboration. His commitment to global dentistry is evident in his licensing as a Dentist in the United States (California Board) and China (Beijing). Dr. Young-geun's expertise also extends to education, as he serves as an Educational Instructor at the Korean Academy of Dental Implantology. Furthermore, he holds key leadership roles, currently serving as the President of the Peri-implantitis Research Society and the Director of the Korean Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry. Notably, Dr. Hyun Young-geun is the International Director of the Korean Academy of Maxillofacial Prosthodontics (Self-dental Bone Bank), highlighting his involvement in cutting-edge research and technologies. His reputation as a leading expert in dentistry has been recognized by being selected as a New Knowledge Expert in Dentistry, further cementing his position as an authority in the field. Adding to his impressive portfolio, Dr. Young-geun has garnered 12 domestic and international patents related to implants, underscoring his innovative contributions to the dental industry. Overall, Dr. Hyun Young-geun's exceptional qualifications, extensive involvement in dental associations, and dedication to research and education make him a prominent figure in the field of dentistry. Patients and colleagues alike can trust in his expertise and leadership at Perioplant Dental Clinic.