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Dr. Imanol Vega Encina

Spinal tumor · Scoliosis & Spinal Deformity

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Vithas Hospital San Jose

País Vasco, Spain





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Calle del, Calle Beato Tomás de Zumárraga, 10, 01008 Vitoria-Gasteiz, Álava, Spain


Dr. Imanol Vega Encina is an expert neurologist and spinal surgeon working at the Vithas Hospital, San Jose. He pursued his early medical education from the University of Victoria and then, later on, pursued further specialization from different universities. Dr. Imanol Vega Encina mainly deals with spinal cord problems - from deformities to scoliosis to spinal tumors - his expertise and skills are sufficient for covering it all. Dr. Imanol Vega Encina receives patients of all age groups as these conditions could present at any stage of the life, and when it does, it is best if these conditions are appropriately dealt and managed; otherwise, they may end up doing irreversible damage to a person’s mobility and other functions. Dr. Imanol Vega Encina has a direct yet comprehensive approach for his patients. He makes sure that his patients get appropriately evaluated for all the possible causes that could have resulted in the presented deformity in a patient. He then works to ensure that the patients have the best possible treatment plans that could help them live as normally as possible. Dr. Imanol Vega Encina is an empathetic doctor who knows all the advanced treatment techniques in his field. His advanced knowledge gives him an upper hand to treat his patients efficiently and without subjecting them to useless investigations. Dr. Imanol Vega Encina is a blessing in disguise for all his patients who were able to get successfully treated by him and are now leading their lives happily. He is a worthy doctor who deserves all the credits.