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    Dr. In Joo Kim

    Thyroid Disease · Pituitary tumors

    Pusan National University Hospital

    Busan, South Korea


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    Endocrinology is an area of internal medicine that focuses on the endocrine system, diseases associated with it, and the hormones secreted by it. Endocrinologists are medical practitioners who specialize in treating people who have hormonal imbalances caused by glands in the endocrine system or cancer. The overall goal of treatment is to re-establish a patient's body's average hormone balance. Dr. In Joo Kim is an experienced and highly known Endocrinologist practicing in South Korea. He started his medical training with graduation from the reputed institute of Pusan National University College of Medicine later opted for an M.S. and Doctor of Internal Medicine degree from the Department of Medicine, Pusan National University College of Medicine. Dr. In Joo Kim is associated with several medical societies contributing to the clinical domain of endocrinology, like the Korean Endocrine Society, the Korean Diabetes Association, and the Korean Society of Bone Metabolism. In addition, he has been highly appraised for his deep knowledge about the specialization, and therefore, has published several research articles in the national and international journals regarding his domain. His core clinical competencies lie in treating Diabetes Mellitus, Thyroid Disease, Pituitary Gland, Endocrine Disease, many others. With his familiarity with contemporary treatment methods, his patients receive advanced and modern medical treatment. Dr. In Joo Kim has been part of many hospitals over the course of his illustrious and experienced career. Currently, he is catering his clinical services in the Pusan National University Hospital, South Korea, as an Endocrinology specialist. He is committed to hard work and assisting his patients with his knowledge and kind nature.