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Dr. Isabel Otero Martinez

Laparoscopic Surgery · Metabolic surgery

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Vithas Hospital Nuestra Senora de Fatima

Galicia, Spain





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Rúa Vía Nte., 48, 36206 Vigo, Pontevedra, Spain


Dr. Isabel Otero Martinez is a competent specialist surgeon of Laparoscopic Surgery and Metabolic surgery. She is considered the top-class surgeon of her fields and is well-respected for her rich experience and vast knowledge of metabolic and laparoscopic surgeries. She works with complete professionalism and offers her services with passion and dedication. She has always upheld professional integrity and never compromised her professional duties. Dr. Isabel Otero Martinez has an amiable nature and always deals with everyone with a good countenance. She meets with her patients in the best possible manner and offers them a secure and confidential environment. She also takes extra care to provide them with the best treatment that helps them cure soon. Over the course of professional services, she has successfully operated thousands of Laparoscopic and Metabolic surgeries. Currently, she delivers her special services in the famous Vithas Hospital Nuestra Senora de Fatima. Dr. Isabel Otero Martinez has attained her bachelor's degree in medicine and surgery from the prestigious University of Santiago de Compostela. She was an exceptional student during her graduate studies and remained so in her training too. She has received various distinctions for her educational accomplishments and was rewarded multiple accolades for her special services during her training. Dr. Isabel Otero Martinez received her house job training from the same university hospital, where she perfected her medical-surgical skills by taking part in various difficult operations. She emerged as a competent doctor after her training. She also pursued a specialization degree in Laparoscopic Surgery and Metabolic Surgery and gained more than 32 years of active experience as a leading specialist.