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Dr. Ismail Hakki Tekkok

Vertebroplasty · Traumatic Nerve Injury

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La Clinique de La Soukra

Tunis, Tunisia





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2036 Rue Cheikh Mohamed Enneifer La Soukra Ariana La Soukra Tunis Tunisia


Dr. Ismail Hakki Tekkok is a Neurosurgeon in Clinic Soukra. Dr. Ismail Hakki Tekkok Specializes in neurosurgery. He graduated from Hacettepe University Completed training at the department of anesthesiology and neurosurgery at Uludag University between 1983 and 1985. Dr. Tekkok gained international experience working at the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital in the UK and Hope Hospital in Sweden. He furthered his expertise at the Medical College of Ohio and the University of Virginia in the US and at the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital in Canada. He is a professor of neurosurgery at Mersin University, Istanbul Neurosurgery. Dr. Ismail Hakki Tekkok is a medical specialist who diagnoses and treats conditions affecting the nervous system, including the brain, peripheral nerves, spinal cord, and spine. Dr. Tekkok offers non-operative as well as surgical treatment to patients.