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Dr. Ismail Yuce

Lumbar Herniated Disc · Brain tumor

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Acibadem Taksim Hospital

İstanbul, Turkey








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İnönü, Nizamiye Cd. No:9 D:No: 1, 34373 Şişli/İstanbul, Turkey


Dr. Ismail Yuce is a member of the Turkish Neurosurgical Society, the Istanbul Medical Chamber, and the Nervous System Surgery Society. In his area, he had 19 years of experience. Moreover, he'd previously worked in the following fields: • Sharp State Hospital, 2000-2004 • Armored Brigade, 2004-2005 • Yenimahalle Health Center, 2005-2007 • Sisli Etfal Training and Research Hospital, 2007-2014 • Van Regional Education and Research Hospital, 2014-2015 A neurosurgeon is a physician who specializes in the prognosis and surgical remedy of ailments of the peripheral systems, together with congenital abnormalities, brain or spine infections, stroke, trauma, tumors, vascular issues, and degenerative spine illnesses. Dr. Ismail Yuce is an experienced neurosurgeon who proficiently treats a wide range of medical ailments, including • Disc Disease • Glioma • Depressive Disorder • Tremors • Meningioma • Malformation of the Arteriovenous System • Gliomas • Meningiomas • Adenoma of the Pituitary • Cancers of the Brain • Hydrocephalus • Disc Problems • Dementia • Infection of the Brain • Astrocytoma • Tumors of the Vertebral Column • Edema in the Brain • Osteoporosis of the Vertebrae • Stenosis of the Spine • Epilepsy • Hemangioma of the Spine • Nerve Pinched • Disc Herniation • Huntington's Disease • Vertebral Fracture • Bulge in the Disc • Severe Head Injury • Paget's Disease (Paget's Disease) • Scoliosis • Desiccation of the Disc • Stroke • Spondylolisthesis • Neuroectodermal Tumors • Oligodendrogliomas • Glioblastoma • Obstruction of the CSF • Aneurysm • Achondroplasia • Tumor of the Spine • Herniated Disc • Acoustic Neuroma • Multiple Sclerosis (MS) • Dystonia • Brain Abscess • Spinal Arthritis • Congenital Spine Disorders • Disc Slip • Degeneration of the Discs • Tumor of the Brain • Astrocytoma Dr. Ismail Yuce is an internationally-renowned neurosurgeon specializing in the surgical treatment of apprehensive gadget disorders. The physician works with a crew of exceedingly professional doctors who can manipulate even the most complicated instances without problems. To assure patient safety, Dr. Ismail Yuce follows all clinical protocols.