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Dr. Jae Woo Kim

Breast Surgery · Anti-aging

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April 31 Plastic Surgery Clinic

Seoul, South Korea





Contact Information

South Korea, Seoul, Gangnam-gu, Nonhyeon 1(il)-dong, Nonhyeon-ro, 707 4 월31일빌딩


Dr. Jae Woo Kim is one of the experienced and ardent plastic surgeons. He has been working in this field for decades, gaining him diverse and in-depth knowledge. During this experience, he has dealt with both mild to complicated cases, and he has been able to deal with these cases quite meticulously and expertly. Currently, he caters to his patients at the April 31 Plastic Surgery Clinic. He is known for his cooperative and detail-oriented attitude, and this has landed him a good reputation in his field of specialization. Dr. Jae Woo Kim is a highly educated doctor who has accomplished several achievements during his academic years. He has done his specialization in Anti-aging treatment and disorders and Breast Augmentation and Surgery. Due to the rise in Breast Cancer, he has successfully dealt with numerous such cases. When it comes to anti-aging treatments, he has done extensive research and has come up with new potential methods of countering anti-aging. One of the praising qualities of Dr. Jae Woo Kim is that he inculcates modern and up-to-date knowledge and discoveries in his medical treatments. This satisfies all of his customers. He is an extremely reliable plastic surgeon in his region. The time management of his suggested surgery is also minimal. He utilizes modern machinery and medical tools to conduct his surgeries. He has also done non-invasive surgeries to keep the scars minimal. Most of his surgeries do not require a patient to stay in the clinic. He is a hard-working plastic surgeon who continues to work toward achieving better results.