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Dr. James Fullerton

Gallbladder Surgery · Gastric Bypass Surgery

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Springfield Clinic Center for Plastic Surgery

Illinois, United States




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2901 Greenbriar Dr, Springfield, IL 62704, United States


Meet the distinguished Dr. James Fullerton, your dedicated General Surgeon at Springfield Clinic Center for Plastic Surgery. With a tenure dating back to 2004, Dr. Fullerton brings a wealth of experience and expertise to your healthcare journey. As a valued member of the Springfield Clinic team, Dr. Fullerton not only serves on the Board of Directors but also plays a pivotal role on the Executive Committee and co-chairs the Ambulatory Surgery Committee. His commitment to excellence extends further as he proudly assumes the role of Department Chair for the General Surgery Department, alongside co-chairing Springfield Clinic Jacksonville. Dr. Fullerton's unwavering dedication to his patients' well-being is matched only by his impressive leadership within the medical community. When you choose Dr. James Fullerton, you're not just selecting a surgeon – you're entrusting your health to a seasoned professional who is at the forefront of innovative surgical care. Experience healthcare at its finest with Dr. Fullerton as your General Surgeon. Join countless others who have placed their trust in his capable hands, and embark on your journey to better health today. Your well-being is our priority, and with Dr. Fullerton, you're in the best possible care.