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    Dr. Jang Woo Park

    Eye Surgery · Forehead Lifting

    Wonjin Beauty Medical Center

    Seoul, South Korea


    Foundation year




    Dr. Jang Woo Park is a well-known ophthalmologist at Wonjin Beauty Medical Center (a specialized plastic surgery center in Seoul, South Korea). Dr. Jang Woo Park has made his name by providing high-quality care to his patients over a long time. He got his bachelor's degree from Soon Chun Hyang University. He has also received additional training in his field. Dr. Jang Woo Park, being an ophthalmologist, can diagnose and treat all eye conditions. However, his specialties are eye surgery and forehead lifting. Patients consult Dr. Jang Woo Park to get the treatment they require for their specific vision or eye problem. In order to correct vision problems, he proficiently diagnoses and treats all eye disorders, conducts eye surgery, and prescribes and fits eyeglasses and contact lenses. Dr. Jang Woo Park has a vast understanding of all eye procedures. His patients have stated that they are completely satisfied with his services. He is considered a valuable asset to the country because he has seen and treated a number of patients. He prescribes eyewear and medicines and performs eye surgeries to treat eye problems. His skills and knowledge have earned him a place among the medical fraternity's most respected doctors. Seeing the proper eye doctor at the right time is essential to your vision. Hence, consulting Dr. Jang Woo Park will be the best decision if you ever have an eye problem. He is undoubtedly a fantastic doctor who never gives up and always looks for new ways to treat his patients, always expressing hope and trust in their recovery.