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Dr. Jang-wook Sohn

Infectious Disease

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Korea University Anam Hospital

Seoul, South Korea






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73 Goryeodae-ro Seongbuk-gu Seoul South Korea


Dr. Jang-wook Sohn is a doctor from Seoul, Korea. He is one of the top-notch doctors of Korea who has earned a name for himself through his exceptional services. Dr. Jang-wook Sohn is viewed with respect and admiration in the medical fraternity as he has provided relief to a considerable number of patients through his services. Dr. Jang-wook Sohn has done his bachelor's from Korea University. After that, he obtained a Master's degree in medicine from the Korea University Graduate School. He has also done a Ph.D. in internal medicine from Korea University Graduate School. Currently, he is associated with the Korea University Anam Hospital, where he sees patients on a daily basis. Dr. Jang-wook Sohn has specialized in the field of infectious disease. He has seen an enormous number of patients at the hospital and is viewed as an asset by the hospital management. He can be consulted for all sorts of infectious diseases. His research and work in the field are exceptional. He has published various research papers on different diseases. The patients of Dr. Jang-wook Sohn have shown satisfaction and have always rated him highly as the medicines recommended by Dr. Jang-wook Sohn proved to be very effective every time. Dr. Jang-wook Sohn is recognized not only nationally but also internationally. He has earned his name through hard work and dedication. Many patients have found relief and betterment in life through his services.