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Dr. Je Kyoun, Shin

Cardiac valve replacement

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Konkuk University Medical Center

Seoul, South Korea





Contact Information

Neungdong-ro 21-gil Gwangjin-gu Seoul South Korea


Dr. Je Kyoun, Shin is a highly reputed senior Thoracic Surgeon working at the Konkuk University Medical Center, Seoul, South Korea. With more than three decades of surgical practice under his name, Dr. Je Kyoun, Shin is well versed in surgically managing various ailments of the heart and its surrounding structures in the thorax. His surgical expertise lies in performing procedures to treat vascular diseases, coronary artery disease, aortic pathologies, other cardiac surgical complaints, etc. Dr. Je Kyoun, Shin is well celebrated in the medical community as part of the surgical team of two successful open-heart surgeries performed in Korea. He also has the honor of initially participating in open-heart surgery at the First People's Hospital, Yinchuan, China. Dr. Je Kyoun, Shin received his early medical education from the distinguished Keimyung University School of Medicine. To further polish his academic resume, he acquired a Master's degree in Theology from the Korea Baptist Theological University and Seminary. His work experience includes his surgical practice at the internationally recognized University Hospital, in New Jersey and the distinct Harvard University Hospital, in the United States of America. He is currently bearing the office of the Director at the Konkuk University Medical Centre. Several renowned institutes recognized his exemplary contribution to the medical field. He is a proud winner of several prestigious awards such as the Professor of the Year Award (Service Area), the Ulsan Uirim Award, the University of Ulsan Academic Award, etc.