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Dr. Jennifer Andrews

Retinal disease · Lens Implantation

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Welcome to Puget Sound Eye Care, where your vision is our priority. Meet Dr. Jennifer Andrews, an experienced and dedicated optometrist who has been serving downtown Seattle's eye care needs for over two decades. With her comprehensive eye exams and expertise, Dr. Andrews is committed to providing precise diagnosis and effective treatment for a wide range of vision problems, including dry eye, red eye, double vision, and blurred vision. At Puget Sound Eye Care, Dr. Andrews collaborates with highly skilled surgeons in Seattle to ensure that her patients receive the best possible eye care. Her strong partnerships allow for comprehensive, coordinated treatment plans that prioritize your vision health. Additionally, Dr. Andrews specializes in complicated contact lens fits, offering personalized solutions for those with unique contact lens needs. Beyond her professional dedication, Dr. Andrews is an active member of the community she has called home since 1994, when she moved from Chicago. She values the importance of building meaningful connections with her patients and takes the time to understand their individual vision needs. Dr. Andrews believes in open communication and ensures that every patient receives personalized attention and answers to all their questions regarding glasses, contact lenses, and eye care procedures. Dr. Andrews's passion for helping others extends beyond her practice. She is widely recognized in the community for her ten years of volunteering with Homeless Youth Dinners, where she has made a significant impact on the lives of those in need. Furthermore, she has played a pivotal role in developing and implementing vision screenings and eye exams for Garfield High School's Read Right Program, emphasizing the importance of early detection and intervention in vision-related issues. Dr. Andrews's commitment to education and accessibility is further exemplified by her involvement in creating the Eye Exam Exhibit at the Seattle Children's Museum, educating young minds about the significance of eye health. Throughout her career, Dr. Andrews has held leadership positions, including serving as the President of the King County Optometric Physicians and as a Trustee of the Optometric Physicians of Washington. She continues to provide essential eye care services for Vision USA, InfantSee, the Big Table nonprofit organization, and the Seattle/King County Clinic. By actively engaging with these organizations, Dr. Andrews demonstrates her unwavering commitment to giving back and ensuring that underserved populations have access to quality eye care.