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    Dr. Jeong-Im Ha

    Petit Plastic Surgery · Body liposuction

    OSKIN Plastic Surgery

    Seoul, South Korea


    Foundation year




    Medical staff


    Dr. Jeong-Im Ha is the Director/Plastic Surgeon at the OSKIN Plastic Surgery. She performs plastic and cosmetic surgery that includes surgical, minimally invasive, or nonsurgical procedures that enhance and reshape structures of the body to improve appearance and confidence. Plastic surgery is intended to correct dysfunctional areas of the body and is reconstructive in nature. Dr. Jeong-Im Ha graduated from Seomul University. She graduated from Gyeongsang National University Medical School. She is a Resident at the Konkuk University Hospital. She is a regular member of the Korean Society of Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Medicine. Regular member of the Korean Society of Clinical Lasers. Regular member of the Korean Society of Obesity. She was the Former director of Dr. Holmes Clinic and former director of Atop Plastic Surgery.