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    Dr. Jeong Mi Kim

    Cerebrovascular diseases

    Sarang Plus Hospital

    Seoul, South Korea


    Foundation year






    Medical staff


    Dr. Jeong Mi Kim is a neurologist currently practicing at the Sarang Plus Hospital in Seoul, Korea. After she pursued her early medical education, she pursued her specialization in Neurology from the VHS Medical Center. Dr. Jeong Mi Kim is an expert neurologist who has full command over serious diseases widespread in society. She is considered a master in dealing with the different types of Cerebrovascular illnesses that vary in symptoms due to their intensity and nature. Stroke and vascular malformations are some of her most treated diseases. She is famous for her friendly and warm nature. She has successfully treated several patients, yet she remains as calm and relaxed as ever. Her personality and style of consulting and treating the patients make her an exceptional doctor who stays at the top of the charts due to her professionalism. Dr. Jeong Mi Kim has since always kept herself updated with the changing trends in the neurological world. This training further helps her treat her patients adequately and with more appropriate diagnosis-making, instead of making false guesses and subjecting the patients to unnecessary testing. This precision is vital in Neurology because a single mistake could cost the patient's life or even make them disabled for life. But thanks to Dr. Jeong Mi Kim, her expertise stands out unmatched from any other doctor and helps her make the right decision at the right time. Doctors like Dr. Jeong Mi Kim are indeed a valuable addition to society.