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Dr. Jeongtaek Oh

Stomach cancer · Colon Cancer

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Gunsan Medical Center

Jeollabuk-do, South Korea



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Gunsan-si Jeollabuk-do South Korea


Are you searching for a skilled and experienced surgeon who truly cares about your well-being? Look no further than Dr. Jeongtaek Oh, your partner in exceptional surgical care. With a strong foundation and a passion for healing, Dr. Oh brings a wealth of expertise to every procedure. Dr. Oh's journey began at the prestigious Wonkwang University College of Medicine, where he honed his medical skills and earned his Master of Medicine degree. His dedication and thirst for knowledge led him to the Graduate School of Wonkwang University, where he specialized in Surgery. With a focus on Hepatobiliary Pancreatic Surgery, he quickly became a standout talent at Wonkwang University Hospital. Currently serving as a Full-time Associate Professor in the Department of Surgery at Wonkwang University College of Medicine, Dr. Oh's influence extends even further. As the Chief of Surgery at Gunsan Medical Center in Jeollabuk-do, he continues to elevate the standards of surgical practice. His commitment to innovation and patient-centered care sets him apart as a leader in his field. Dr. Oh's dedication to his craft is evident not only through his educational achievements and career milestones but also through his deep involvement in professional organizations. He is a proud Lifetime Member of the Korean Society of Surgery, Korean Colon & Anus, and the Korean Hepatobiliary Society. As a Certified Colonoscopy Specialist, his expertise extends to the forefront of endoscopic procedures. When you choose Dr. Jeongtaek Oh, you're not just choosing a surgeon – you're choosing a partner in your wellness journey. His patient-centric approach, combined with his exceptional skill set, ensures that you receive the highest quality care every step of the way. Experience the pinnacle of surgical care with a true expert. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Oh and take the first step towards a healthier, happier you.