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Dr. Jesus Chahin Haddad

Chronic kidney disease · Acute liver failure

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Vithas Hospital Santa Cruz

Canarias, Spain





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Calle de Enrique Wolfson, 8, 38006 Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain


Dr. Jesus Chahin Haddad is a well-known nephrologist. He specializes in dealing with kidney-related issues and diseases and has wide experience in diagnosing and treating kidney diseases. He believes in diagnosing kidney problems and diseases early to avoid their repercussions on the overall health. Dr. Jesus Chahin Haddad overlooks some of the crucial health issues in his patients to help prevent kidney diseases, such as: · Primary kidney disease · Essential and secondary hypertension · Kidney failure (acute and chronic) · Secondary nephropathies and diseases Dr. Jesus Chahin Haddad completed his graduation in medicine and surgery from the University of Madrid. Afterwards, he completed his specialty in nephrology from the Virgen de la Arrixaca Hospital in Madrid. Dr. Jesus Chahin Haddad has vast professional experience in his field. He has served as a senior nephrology consultant at various hospitals in the country. He has also given his services in the intensive care unit and internal medicine and provides consultation on kidney-related patient cases at the Vithas Santa Cruz Hospital in Santa Cruz of Tenerife. Dr. Jesus Chahin Haddad has also gained a lot of experience by serving as the medical specialist at the Nephrology department in Nuestra Senora de la Candelaria Hospital. He is famous for his positive attitude and attentive listening skills. His patients love to pour their hearts out to him as he becomes the ray of hope for his patients in depressing times. He is well-known for dealing with people from all over the country who come to him for consultation.