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    Dr. Ji Yeong Jeong

    Liposuction · Anti-aging

    Mine Plastic Surgery

    Seoul, South Korea




    Dr. Ji Yeong Jeong is one of Mine Plastic Surgery Clinic's best plastic surgeons who is skilled and experienced in the fields of liposuction and anti-aging treatments. In addition to being excellent at what she does, Dr. Ji Yeong Jeong is a caring person who constantly gives her patients the best alternatives. If you feel depressed about a protruding stomach and or do not have time to drive to the gym, having liposuction will be your best option. It is undeniable that when you feel comfortable with your own body, your confidence gradually returns, and you become happier and more excited about life. Furthermore, Dr. Ji Yeong Jeong is an active participant in a variety of Korean associations, including the Laser Skin Hair, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Obesity Therapy, and Anti-Aging Societies.